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You are disillusioned and asking yourself how it came to this. You and your business partner had a great business idea and decided to launch a business together. It seemed so promising at first. Even more so if your partner is also your friend, sibling, or spouse. You knew there would be ups and downs.

Now that you are mid-stream, the business is bringing out the stressed and critical sides of both of you more than ever. It feels overwhelming and at times, unbearable. And yet, you are under the gun to make it work.

The good news is you absolutely can turn things around. A thriving partnership requires exceptional emotional and social intelligence. We’ll build those skills. We’ll also address problematic structural dynamics and negotiate the tough issues that are getting in your way.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve landed in the right place. I am one of the few practitioners trained in Organizational Development as well as Marriage and Family Therapy, and specializing in business and co-founder partnership coaching. I would be happy to help you achieve an enjoyable, successful, and profitable partnership.

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